Bali Artwork - Giclée (Fine Art Canvas Prints) - An exquisite Selection of Bali Themes and Image Concepts

Bring you the Spirit of the ''Island of the Gods''


All featured Bali Artwork (bellow), is available for purchase as Giclée (Fine Art  Prints on Canvas) printed in limited editions of 21 per theme and size.

Three sizes are available: 50x50cm, 75x75cm and 100x100cm

All prints are printed on an Epson 9880 printer using the highest quality genuine Epson archival inks and acid-free canvas.

Epson advertises a minimum lifetime of 175 years for prints produced using these materials and hung in normal circumstances.


Final delivered prints are consisting of the main Artwork (Red Lines), plus five (5) centimeters of black border on each side (Green lines) that serves as a Visual Frame.

The Artwork & Visual Frame, are surrounded by three (3) centimeters of black canvas (Yellow lines) and two (2) centimeters of white canvas (White Lines), that serve as the ‘’Framing Border Area’’, and are used for facilitating the framing of the print on wooden stretch bars.


The addition of the ‘’Framing Border Area’’ results in the following dimension of the final delivered canvases:

The 50x50cm prints, result as a 50+5+5 = 60cm print (including Framing Border Area)

The 75x75 prints, result in 75+5+5 = 85cm print (including Framing Border Area)

The 100x100 prints, result in 100+5+5 = 110cm print (including Framing Border Area)

The finished product is rolled and put into very sturdy PVC piping for transport.

All prices include packaging and shipping anywhere in the world.