Wellcome to Santorini Photographic Art Gallery


Santorini island, is one of the most beautiful locations of both Greece and the world.

It’s one of those very rare places that take your breath away, in such a way and with such intensity that many times you may prefer to just stand there, silent, unmoving, saying nothing, just breathing, listening to your heartbeat, feeling the wind on your skin, and try to take it all in.

I have been photographing the island creating images of landscapes for private collectors, and I have photographed wedding couples, engagements, elopements, individuals, couples and families  that visited Santorini, families and even artists that wanted their own personal portrait created on the island (to see my Wedding Photography click here).

And as time went by, I visualized a new photographic interpretation of the island's visual treasures, that would also include all the wonderful details that make this place so heavenly special.

The result was a series of new, fresh and vibrant images, created to bring joy and serenity and to be enjoyed as wall decorative art.

They are all cropped in square format, colorful or black and white, worked on and finessed to decorate your home, place of work, study or creative space, used as single frames, in triptychs, or in any other way or combination.

Click here to check the whole collection of both colorful and black and white renderings, with their corresponding QR codes that will lead you to Red Bubble.com, our product fulfilling and shipping provider.


By scanning each image's individual QR code on the right side of the graphic (or clicking on the image, or the link bellow it) you will be transported to that specific image’s individual page, where you can check it as both wall art, printed on canvas or photo paper and in a variety of sizes and other materials.

You will also be able to see mockups of how it will look when printed on merchandise, such as t-shirts, cups, pillows, mobile phone cases and many more.

If you are a lover of Black and White, click HERE to explore the Black and White gallery only.

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SantoriniGallery #1050-405. Old olive tree bark, shades of yellow, pink, orange. Greek art.

SantoriniGallery #1054-206. Traditional handmade wooden canopy, brown. Greek decorative art.

SantoriniGallery.com. Wall Art. Generic, Papasan Chair.




SantoriniGallery #1050-407. Old olive tree bark, red, lavender. Greek decorative art.

SantoriniGallery #1051-204. Traditional stairs and wall curved in volcanic rock, green.

SantoriniGallery #1053-202. Traditional wall arch and window, white and blue. Greek art.

SantoriniGallery #1047-404. Old traditional church wall & dome, green on Black and White.

SantoriniGallery #1045-403. Old traditional house wall and chimney, shades of blue.

SantoriniGallery #1047-401. Old traditional church wall & dome, purple on Black and White.

SantoriniGallery #1041-207. Old traditional house wall detail, red. Greek decorative art.

SantoriniGallery #1041-205. Old traditional house wall detail, yellow, brown. Greek art.

SantoriniGallery #1038-204. Old traditional house wall detail, shades of yellow. Greek art.

SantoriniGallery # 1028-201. Old house wall layers: construction detail, purple. Greek art.

SantoriniGallery.com. Decorative Wall Art. Bedroom, Shiplap.




SantoriniGallery #1042-403. Old traditional house arch detail, blue. Greek decorative art.